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We offer a one- year health guarantee. We health test our dogs to best ensure that our puppies will be clear of any genetic issues that could be problematic or life-threatening in the future. Our health guarantee is as follows:


·       The puppy must be examined within 72 hours of acquisition by a licensed veterinarian to validate this guarantee.  A verified letter from the veterinarian is required if puppy is returned for any reason.  Worms, fleas, mites, coccidia, giardiasis, or any other parasite that is common in dogs and puppies are not included in this guarantee as a reason to return a puppy. 


·       If the puppy is found to be at risk due to a congenital defect (existing at birth), owner must notify the breeder, provide a verified letter from the vet, and return the puppy (and its papers) to the breeder within three days of the examination.  Puppy must be returned in its original mental and physical condition.  (If these conditions are met, breeder will replace puppy or refund money.  See Breeder's Agreement below.)

·       If the puppy should develop any hereditary conditions before the puppy's first birthday (including but not limited to severe hip/elbow dysplasia, grade 3 or above heart murmur, or hereditary eye conditions), buyer agrees to have the puppy x-rayed by a vet for confirmation of the diagnosis.  Diagnosis must be confirmed by an official OFA preliminary consultation.  Breeder will then replace the puppy, or the buyer may keep the puppy and breeder will refund up to half the purchase price.  In the case of replacing the puppy, the original puppy must be returned to Midwest Valley Doodles in good mental and physical condition.  (See Breeder's Agreement below.)

*Breeder reserves the right to perform a DNA test to confirm the dog as one of Midwest Valley Doodles lineage.

·       The puppy may never be sold to a pet store, puppy mill, or similar business.  The health guarantee is not valid if the puppy is resold from its original owner.

·       ​Buyer must give the puppy appropriate veterinarian care, including (but not limited to) annual vet exams and required vaccinations (as recommended by your vet).  Failure to complete vaccines and exams (as well as documenting such care) will void all guarantees.

·       Buyer must provide a safe living space for the puppy.  This includes (but is not limited to) a fenced yard or kennel if the puppy is housed outdoors.  The puppy may not be left on a chain.

·       Buyer must take appropriate care of the puppy, including (but not limited to) grooming, training, and caring for your dog.

·       We highly recommend that buyer spay/neuter the puppy.

·       Buyer agrees to feed the puppy high quality dog food.

·       Buyer agrees to never give their puppy/dog to a dog rescue, humane society, or animal shelter.  Midwest Valley Doodles will take back any dog that is unable to be cared for, and we will assume responsibility and possession of any animal bred by Midwest Valley Doodles.

·       Buyer assumes all financial responsibility for veterinarian bills and transportation/shipping costs to and from Breeder.  This includes a puppy/dog that is returned or replaced by Midwest Valley Doodles.

·       For the purpose of this health guarantee, the puppy's value is stated as the original purchase price of the puppy.  This does not include any additional fees, such as shipping.

·       This agreement shall be deemed and consummated in the county of Lucas County, Iowa and shall be covered by the laws of the state of Iowa.


·       Breeder agrees to give the puppy proper health care until the puppy is released to the buyer.  This includes its first shots and being wormed.  Shot records will be provided to the buyer at the time of purchase.  (If the puppy is being shipped, shot and worm records will be mailed to the new owner.)

·       Breeder guarantees the puppy is free from any congenital defect causing death of puppy or recommendation from a veterinarian to euthanize the puppy.  Guarantee is valid until the puppy is one year of age.

·       If the puppy is found to be at risk from congenital defect and conditions stated above in the Buyer's Agreement, then breeder agrees to replace puppy or refund money to buyer.

·       If the puppy is found to have a hereditary condition that has been confirmed with x-rays, a certified letter from the vet, and confirmation through an official OFA preliminary consultation as stated above in the Buyer's Agreement, then breeder agrees to replace the puppy of equal value at the breeder's convenience, or buyer will keep the puppy and breeder will refund up to half the purchase price.  


·       Breeder is not responsible if the puppy contracts any communicable disease after leaving the breeder's possession.

·       Breeder does not guarantee color, size, championship, or temperament of the puppy.

·       Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses after leaving the breeder's possession.

·       Breeder does not guarantee the puppy to be without hereditary defects.  Please know that we do our best to avoid passing along any undesirable characteristics and we have our dogs tested for such traits.


·       This guarantee is non-transferable and only applies to the original owner.  The puppy must be in good physical and mental condition.  No replacement will be given if the dog is bred.  A licensed veterinarian must perform all laboratory verifications.  This includes a necropsy report stating cause of death in the event of a puppy's death.  

·       Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs to and from the breeder.  Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses accumulated on a returned or replaced dog/puppy.


·       Dog has been bred.

·       Dog shows evidence of neglect or abuse.

·       Dog experienced previous trauma (including but not limited to broken bones).

·       Dog has been fed anything other than premium quality dog food.

·       Dog shows signs of strenuous exercise (including but not limited to being exercised on a treadmill, extensive standing on back legs, extensive running on slippery floors).

·       Dog is obese or underfed at any time.  Underfed dogs have ribs that are highly visible.  Obese dogs show no waist when viewed from above and belly is round when viewed from the side.  The ideal body condition for a dog is when one can feel and see an outline of ribs.  Dog should have a waist when viewed from above and belly is tucked when viewed from the side. 

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